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The Richard N. Merkin Center for Pure and Applied Mathematics hosted its first event at its new home on the eighth floor of Caltech Hall. Just one year after the center was established, and with the generosity of Caltech trustee Richard Merkin and the Merkin Family Foundation, the newly reconfigured space opened its doors to the research community. The event was a week-long workshop on the Theory and applications of total positivity. This was a particularly significant scientific meeting as it launched the first activity of both the Merkin Center and the American Institute of Mathematics (AIM) in their new space.

The Merkin Center was established with the goal of creating a hub for mathematical research. Collaboration across disciplines underpins the Center's programs. Similarly, bringing together communities with overlapping interests is at the heart of all AIM activities, as reflected by its mission to foster ‘focused collaborative research.' In searching for AIM's new home, Caltech's Merkin Center for Pure and Applied Mathematics offered a natural alliance. The Merkin Center has created an inspiring space for collaborative scholarship that not only deepens the impact of the mathematical sciences across campus, but enhances opportunities for innovative collaboration world-wide.

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